Sexually transmitted diseases

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Sexually transmitted diseases

e-istanbul. Two-thirds of all STDs occur in people under the age of 30. The microbes that cause sexually transmitted diseases (venereal )are  spread by intimate body contact. Women suffer more adverse consequences from STDs than do men. Harm can be done to a woman's

reproductive organs if an infection is left untreated. The most important  risk factor for STDs is  having sex with multiple partners without adequate protection from germs.

There are three types of STDs -- bacterial, viral, and bugs. Bacterial STDs ( gonorrhea) are transient , respond to medication but  if they remain untreated they can cause very serious damage.

Genital herpes  can produce vaginal discharge in the  first episode of  herpes also features fever, itching, headache, and general muscle aches.

Genital Warts  (Human papillomavirus - HPV) is  a sexually transmitted disease .It can also cause outbreaks in the vulva, vagina, cervix, or anal area .
HPV is also believed to be a factor in causing cancer of the vulva, vagina, and cervix.





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